Is there a Truth About Hookah?

The usage of tobacco is centuries old. It is smoked, eaten, chewed and sniffed. We are obviously referring to substance abuse here, and addiction. One way it is smoked is to use a computer device termed as a hookah. Smoking tobacco in a hookah is really a practice that extends back for the early 16th century at the center East. shop hookah online

A hookah can be a device that super-heats flavored tobacco and passes the resulting smoke through water which is then inhaled through the smoker by means of a tube.

Nicotine will be the drug in tobacco which is delivered in greater amounts in hookah smoke than in tobacco smoke. Hookah smoke also has high amounts of toxic compounds, including tar, deadly carbon monoxide, heavy metals and other cancer-causing chemicals hookah

Because of how it is done, smoking tobacco by hookah delivers more toxins than cigarette smoking. Actually, a one-hour long hookah session involves inhaling 100-200 times the total number of smoke inhaled from only one cigarette.

Another significant aspect in the toxicity of smoking hookah is the charcoal used to heat the tobacco. Made from cherry wood, or coconut shells and other materials, chemicals from your burning charcoal are inhaled from the smoker along with the smoke from the tobacco. Few research has been done on the chemicals these charcoals produce, let alone their effects on the smoker's health.

As could be expected, as a result of greater amounts of smoke delivered from the hookah compared to the cigarette, the smoker also receives:

� Higher amounts of carbon-monoxide, a poisonous gas that is also manufactured in gasoline engines.
� Greater amounts of carcinogenic materials like heavy metals
� More tar compared to cigarettes

In line with the Centers for Disease Control, hookah smokers are at risk for the same kinds of diseases much like caused by using tobacco, including oral cancer, cancer of the lung, stomach cancer, cancer of the esophagus, reduced breathing, and decreased fertility.

The CDC also claims that numerous toxic chemicals that are known to cause clogged arteries and cardiovascular disease are within hookah smoke as well.

Hookah smoking is NOT a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Due to years of research and advertisement about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, it's pretty well known that using tobacco or cigars is dangerous. Unfortunately, there haven't been many public awareness campaigns about the similar perils associated with using hookahs. There has been the popularity of hookah bars or shisha caf�s going right through the top. This is attracting a fresh following with younger people.

But the addiction potential of hookah is very real. Using nicotine is dangerous in any form and whether or not the route onto nicotine addiction is through smoking cigars, cigarettes or hookah, in the long run, we've the identical problem.

The addict can't have a pack of hookahs around inside a shirt pocket, so for sheer convenience, switching to cigarettes is an obvious choice.

Hookah smoking being a social event.

The routes onto obsession with nicotine are lots of, there is however always some social factor that attracts the brand new users. Some of the attractions of hookah smoking are identical to people with been utilized to attract young adults to cigarettes, cigars and pipes for most, many years.

� The teenagers are going to do it
� It looks cool
� The group is into it
� It appears like fun
� It shows up on television or in the movies (And now on the net.)
� The mother and father probably don't approve (rebel factor)
� It appears grown-up

One more liability of experiencing hookah parties or cafes is that the hose that offers the smoke is generally passed from smoker to smoker. This raises the chances of contracting communicable diseases for anybody who passes the hose.

In the long run, our responsibility to spread the reality regarding the dangers presented by hookah smoking is the same as with every other public threat. The more people understand, the better their choices are gonna be.


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